Brad Pitt's Ascension As Hollywood's Most Interesting Man

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The recently released BULLET TRAIN trailer (which we posted previously) has turned the forthcoming Brad Pitt action flick into one of the most anticipated movies of the year so far. And while it seems somewhat dramatic to say so, it has also helped to further solidify Pitt as –– in the eyes of many –– Hollywood’s most interesting man.

Now, to say that Brad Pitt is interesting is not exactly generating a headline. The man oozes charm, defines movie-star good looks, and has been in so many popular movies by this point it’s almost difficult to keep track of them all. But over the years, we’ve continually learned more about him, to the point that the intrigue goes beyond his core career.

Aside from his charm on the screen, Pitt has always been able to generate headlines and excite tabloids –– largely through relationships with Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie, the latter of whom he famously has several children with. Notably, he has divorced both women and says he’s focused more on “family, charities, and work” for now. But naturally, it has played into the broader Hollywood persona of Brad Pitt that he’s had extremely public relationships with some of the most high-profile actresses of the era.

He’s always been an interesting character on a personal level away from the screen as well. Pitt is well known for having an interest in architecture and building (even if projects haven’t always gone well). More recently he has been recognized for a passion for pottery and sculpture as well –– an unusual celebrity hobby he’s even shared with ONCE UPON A TIME… IN HOLLYWOOD co-star Leonardo DiCaprio. And even beyond these personal pursuits, Pitt is known to have an interest in wine (he’s had a dispute with Jolie over a vineyard) and tennis (he’s a regular at the U.S. Open in New York). Simply put, we just don’t usually have such a feel for the hobbies and interests of movie stars.

What’s really catapulted him to de facto “King of Hollywood” status though is the diversification of his career in recent years. He’s worked with arguably the most popular screenwriter in Aaron Sorkin (on MONEYBALL), and one of the most popular directors in Quentin Tarantino (on both INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS and ONCE UPON A TIME… IN HOLLYWOOD). He has also worked with directors such as David Fincher, Andrew Dominik, and Guy Richie, to name a few. But it’s the diversity of roles, too, that has really begun to stand out.

Pitt won his Oscar for his performance as Cliff Booth in ONCE UPON A TIME… IN HOLLYWOOD. He seems to be entering his Keanu Reeves/Liam Neeson JOHN WICK- or TAKEN-style phase in BULLET TRAIN. Yet he’s also tipped to star in BABYLON, a forthcoming drama to be directed by Damien Chazelle –– one of the best up-and-coming directors in Hollywood. And on top of all this, Pitt has also, somewhat quietly, become something of a mega-producer in recent years.

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Basically, Pitt is at the height of his powers and has pulled off something very rare in becoming every kind of Hollywood star at once: tabloid darling, Renaissance man, Oscar winner, crowd-pleaser, and producer of passion projects. Most famous actors and actresses can only check a few of those boxes in their careers –– let alone all at once.

Simply put, it’s all come together, and an actor everyone’s long enjoyed and recognized as a sort of natural golden boy is peaking even beyond our expectations. We hope that both BULLET TRAIN and BABYLON live up to the hype, and given the roll Pitt has been on, it seems there’s little doubt they will.

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