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Connie Britton and Elsa Pataky Narrate 'Mamas' Season 2 English and Spanish Nature Series

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Mamas season 2 Roku series narrated by Connie Briton and Elsa Pataky

Mamas, the nature series returns on May 12 with an English and Spanish version on Roku. Watch the Spanish and English trailers and movie posters.

The nature series follows powerful matriarchs of the animal kingdom. A unique perspective on how all mothers regardless of species love, cherish, and will put their lives on the line for their children.

TV-PG series will stream on The Roku Channel for FREE on Roku devices, the Web, iOS and Android devices, Amazon Fire TV, and select Samsung TVs. No subscription is required.

mamas s2 conniebritton Roku series

Mamas Season 2 on Roku - Spanish version narrated by Elsa Pataky

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