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Lady Gaga Doesn't Think Her Real-Life Character in 'House of Gucci' Was A Gold-Digger

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Adam Driver and Lady Gaga in HOUSE OF GUCCI

Lady Gaga portrays Patrizia Reggiani Gucci in HOUSE OF GUCCI, and the actress says she doesn't believe the Italian socialite married nor had Maurizio Gucci killed out of greed.

One woman took down the Italian fashion house when she married a Gucci and became power-hungry. Based on the book by Sara Gay Forden, Ridley Scott directs HOUSE OF GUCCI with Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Al Pacino, Salma Hayek, Jeremy Irons and an unrecognizable Jared Leto.

The shocking true story behind the Gucci family's downfall and the murder of Maurizio Gucci had one person behind it. When Patrizia married Maurizio, his father disinherited his son over his marriage to a woman he viewed as a gold digger. Lady Gaga doesn't believe she was.

"She did not marry him for his money," said the star at a press conference. "I don't believe and I don't believe that's why she had him murdered."

Gaga doesn't entirely feel sorry for the socialite for having made the mistake of coming between the Gucci family members.

"As an Italian American woman, I would never insert myself in business with a bunch of Italian men. I think it was a terrible idea on her part but she really tried and the joke was really on her."

House of Gucci Lady Gaga

Patrizia influenced her husband Maurizio to take over the family business by betraying his family members, then he turned on her. The woman scorned then hired hitmen to kill her ex-husband.

Gaga visited the site of the assassination and immediately felt a pit out in her stomach. The cameras weren't rolling but she felt in character as Patrizia. Her first thought was, "what have I done."

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