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Netflix Shows Off Star-Studded 2022 Movie Line Up in Preview Trailer

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netflix 2022 movie slate

Netflix dropped quite the impressive trailer featuring a star-studded line-up for their 2022 movie slate. The A-list actors include Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, Kerri Washington, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lopez, Adam Sandler, Jessica Chastain, Kevin Hart, Jamie Foxx just to name a few. The impressive slate also includes directors such as Guillermo del Toro, Judd Apatow, Noah Baumbach, Richard Linklater, Tyler Perry, Anthony Russo, Joe Russo and others.

The movie studios may be feeling a bit jealous of Netflix's impressive film line-up, talent and genres. The streaming giant seems to be focused on the action genre but fantasy and feel-good movies will also be part of movie night. This spectacle comes after news of stock decline for the company as new subscriber numbers aren't meeting expectations. It'll be interesting to see how that affects their spending for a 2023 slate.  

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