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'Secretos De Villanas' Spin-off 'Secretos De Las Indomables' Announced with Yuri, Patricia Manterola and Alicia Machado

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Yuri, Ninel Conde, Alicia Machado, Patricia Manterola, Amara "La Negra", and Zuleyka Rivera will be featured in Canela TV's SECRETOS DE LAS INDOMABLES, a spin-off of SECRETOS DE VILLANAS.

Following the huge success of Canela.TV's original series, SECRETOS DE VILLANAS, which brought together some of the most iconic female villains in the history of Hispanic telenovelas such as Gaby Spanic, Aylín Mújica, Cynthia Klitbo and Sabine Moussier, Canela.TV presents the star-studded cast of its exciting new spin-off, SECRETOS DE LAS INDOMABLES.

This riveting new Canela.TV original reality series will give us exclusive access to the reality of six Latina icons, loved by their audiences and respected by their rivals. They are six major superstars who decided to rebel, as women and professionals, to defy cultural stereotypes and take control of their own narrative and career. Six unique names in the entertainment world who were, are and always will be LAS INDOMABLES.

The cast of SECRETOS DE LAS INDOMABLES includes the incomparable Yuri, the exuberant Ninel Conde, the captivating Alicia Machado, the multifaceted Patricia Manterola, the defiant Amara "La Negra", and the dazzling Zuleyka Rivera. HERE you can watch a special video in which the cast expresses their enthusiasm for being part of this project.

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SECRETOS DE LAS INDOMABLES, the series produced by Canela.TV in association with Enrique Sapene and Ruben Consuegra of River Waves Production, will offer a total of 10 episodes that will allow us to get to know these indomitable women more intimately as they share experiences in an unforgettable adventure that will mark their lives forever. Available exclusively on Canela.TV, SECRETOS DE LAS INDOMABLES will premiere this summer. This exciting series is part of a wide range of original content that you can enjoy for free on the streaming service, Canela.TV.

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