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Jason Bourne New Teaser Movie Poster

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Jason Bourne Matt Damon TeaserPoster

Jason Bourne is back and ripped in the first look at the super soldier in a Super Bowl 50 commercial spot. A new movie poster was also revealed with the tagline, "You Know His Name." Yes we do, and we can't wait to see Matt Damon back in action perhaps working for the CIA as indicated in the first look preview. 

The thirty second Super Bowl preview offers a lot of clues as to what Jason Bourne will be dealing with his fourth time on the big screen. In the trailer, the buff Matt Damon seems to be taking out his anger out in fight clubs before he's called back into action for the government agency that's been trying to kill him in the past films. In the new movie poster, Bourne isn't a happy looking guy, and he probably still has some scores to settle. 

As of yet, there is no official word on what the new title will be but the preview simply titled it "Jason Bourne," and the new teaser poster gives no indication of the final name except for the tagline and the hashtag #Bourne.

Jason Bourne movie teaser poster

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