'The Walking Dead: Dead City' Teaser Clip and News from WonderCon Panel with Lauren Cohen

Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan in The Walking Dead: Dead City 

AMC released a new tease for the upcoming spin-off,  The Walking Dead: Dead City at the WonderCon Convention in Los Angeles Saturday. Walkers are falling from the sky in the new teaser and in the exclusive clip shown in the panel with star Lauren Cohen, her new co-star Gaius Charles and showrunner Eli Jorné. Watch the new preview, along with a description of the two exclusive clips only shown to Wondercon fans and see what details the cast and producer revealed about the new series.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohen also serve as executive producers on the spin-off. Morgan was unable to attend in person due to shooting Prime Video’s The Boys season 4 in Canada. He did send a video message praising the producer and especially his costar for her hard work behind the scenes as well as in front of the camera.

Premiering on Sunday, June 18 on AMC, Maggie and Negan set off to NYC to find Hershel after he was kidnapped in The Walking Dead's final season. In the first look, walkers are raining down from the sky as Neegan, Maggie and a new character make their way through the Big Apple. The producers are using the change in the landscape to create new challenges for the characters. The walkers are falling from the skyscrapers as they smell fresh blood on the ground level. Showrunner Eli Jorné says to expect iconic NYC structures transformed in a “cool” way. He also teased zip lines may be a way to get from building to building. Cohen joked she was excited about the stunt but hours later she was anxious to get out of the harness especially after sharing one with her character's mortal enemy, Negan.

In the two clips screened at the WonderCon panel, the first preview features Maggie and Negan carrying on as usual threatening each other, and you wonder how these two will be able to work together without killing each other.

In the second clip, Negan, Maggie, and a new character are dodging walker bodies hitting the ground with a loud thud. A mysterious woman on a rooftop watches the action unfold on the ground. We only see the top of her head, looking down.

The trio takes cover outside NYC’s famed steak house, Delmonicos where the dead also inhabit the restaurant. They can’t hold up there any longer so they make a run for a scaffolding across the way, and again bodies come raining down. The next shot is of the woman on the rooftop watching their every move until she leaves the scene.

New cast member Gaius Charles reveals who he plays in Dead City. He’s the sheriff in town, according to the actor who describes him as a “fanatic law and order man.” He’s after Negan and wants to bring him to justice for what he did to Glenn and others. We get a quick glimpse of Charles character in the newly released sneak peek.

The Walking Dead fans don’t have long to wait until June 18 for the next incarnation of the franchise.

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