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'Alice Through The Looking Glass' Inspired Boot Designed By Jenni Rivera Shoe Line; Interview with Rosie Rivera

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Alice Through Looking Glass Jenni Rivera Boot 2

Jenni Rivera Fashion teamed up with Disney’s ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS to create an exclusive boot inspired by Disney's new sequel to ALICE IN WONDERLAND and designed by Jenni Rivera Footwear and fashion designer Diego Medel. CineMovie spoke with Medel and Jenni Rivera’s sister Rosie Rivera about the collaboration and how the two worlds collided in the exclusive shoe.

The exclusive boot was revealed at the ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS Hollywood premiere. Only 10 limited edition inspired boots were made for the Jenni Rivera Footwear Line, and available for 10 lucky winners only through the website’s ( ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS promotion. Rosie Rivera tells CineMovie the partnership came about through friends who work with Disney on promotional tie-ins. The idea was a hit with Jenni Rivera’s sister Rosie who thought it was “unique” like her sister.

“It’s a very unique idea. My sister has never been able to be placed in a box because she has so many facets. So it seemed like an appropriate idea.”

When it came to combining the two worlds from ALICE IN WONDERLAND and Jenni Rivera’s modern urban appeal, Rivera says they went for the traditional Victorian boot with an accessorized look.

“We used blue suede that reminds us of Alice and combined it with bling bling. All of us women like bling bling.”

Alice Through Looking Glass Jenni Rivera Boot 4

Rivera offers advice to the lucky winners who get to wear the specialty boot. Rivera’s tip includes going simple on top since the boot is flashy enough.

Mexican designer Diego Mendel was tasked with bringing the two influences together. He tells us the assignment wasn’t too difficult.

“It was easy for me to bring the two worlds together. We wanted to bring chic with an influence from ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS. I played with colors and crystals. I love crystals.”

The result is a stunning boot that would look great with jeans, says Rosie Rivera. Unfortunately, she’ll have to admire from afar as the 10 exclusive footwear is available for winners only.

ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS is in movie theaters May 27. For a chance to win one of the boots, go to .

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