'47 Meters Down' Stars Mandy Moore And Claire Holt On Learning To Act Underwater

47 meters down claire holt mandy moore interview

Mandy Moore and Claire Holt acted underwater for 90% of the movie for 47 METERS DOWN, and it wasn't easy. The actresses spent 6 to 7 hours under water for weeks during the production. Not only did they have to act 20 feet below the water surface, but they had to be conscious of their breathing techniques. Like in the movie, they could experience serious health issues if they weren't careful. The heroines of 47 METER DOWN explain their experience to CineMovie and why they had to yell "cut" to the man swimming around in a plastic shark head.

Mandy Moore and Claire Holt plays sisters in 47 METERS DOWN. The two are vacationing in Mexico and decide to go shark watching. You know where this is going next - the cage malfunctions and drops 47 meters to the ocean flow. They are trapped with less than an hour of oxygen and the white sharks are circling nearby for their prey.

47 METERS DOWN is in movie theaters June 16.

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