50 Cent Talks 'Spy,' Beef with 'Empire' and New G-Unit Album

Spy 50 Cent interview

50 Cent can get into the dramatic "zone" quite easily says the rapper turned actor, but he's trying his hand with comedy in the Melissa McCarthy’s SPY. He's talking to CineMovie about why Melissa is a comic genius, his beef with FOX's Empire, his new reunion album with G-Unit and his words of advice to the young generation.

50 Cent has his hand in everything from music, movies, and the boxing world. "I've got to hustle," says the former street hustler turned artist. The Queens, NY Native has "a lot of fun" being a business man, artist and actor which takes him all over the world to exotic vacation spots. " I don't need a vacation" because he’s constantly at those locals for work.

For SPY, the comedy starring Melissa McCarthy, Jude Law and Jason Statham, the film production took him to Budapest. His role started out as a cameo playing himself performing at a club, but Director Paul Feig expanded his role for a hilarious turn in the finale with all the main actors. He described the set as "cool" and a “good space" with everyone feeling "comfortable" with each other.

Speaking of comfort, 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis James Jackson III, was out of his comfort zone when he became part of the physical comedy in SPY. For his on stage scene, he was taken by surprise when actress Miranda Hart, who stands 6'1, tackled him, sending home to the ground. The scene only called for an rough embrace by Hart's character.

"She's a big girl. Boom! I was on the floor. I didn't know it was going to go down like this."

There was no pad in place to break their fall, but he laughed it off as did the director until of course they asked for a few more retakes. "It's not like falling through a window," he quipped.

50 Cent enjoyed watching SPY star Melissa McCarthy in action on the set, and calls director Paul Feig “dope” for knowing his actors well enough to let them perform. He says Melissa’s improvising was much more hilarious than what was on the page.

“I think that’s why Melissa and him work so well together.”

The “gems” or the best parts in the film are from Feig letting the actors have the freedom to enhance what was on the script. Of course it helped to have A-listers in the cast.  

“They should’ve called it The Usual Suspects instead of SPY. It’s the usual suspects for a comedy.”  

Spy Movie Stars Jason Statham, Melissa McCarthy, Paul Feig Berlin premiere1

While 50 Cent got a taste of being funny in his SPY cameo, is the actor best known for dark roles (Blood Out, SetUp) up to starring in his own physical comedy? He’s open to committing to a comedy, but his forte is in dark dramas just because he lived it in his former life on the streets.

“I’ve been consistently offered dysfunctional [characters] from the environment I grew up in so I can get into that zone. “

Up next, 50 Cent hits the mean streets of boxing in SouthPaw with Jake Gyllenhaal as Jordan Maines, a boxing promoter. 50 Cent knows a thing or two about boxing promotion after becoming one in 2012 with his new company, TMT (The Money Team) and briefly working with Floyd Mayweather, Jr. to sign new boxers.

power season 2 still starz

50 Cent has channeled what he knows about the street life into the drama series, Power, a show he executive produces and stars in. The Starz show returns for a second season this June, and 50 Cent says to expect more drama and scandal. He can’t contain his own excitement for the series. “It mirrors the feeling of music releasing,” he tells CineMovie. This time he went through each scene himself to make sure the music is the right fit.

Many comparisons have been made between FOX’s Empire and Power, but the executive producer says the show “absolutely kills those comparisons.” He adds there is a huge difference between network television and a premium channel like Starz, which allows it to be much more racier, and they take their time developing characters.

“The Empire show moved so fast. I feel like they did their first season in the first episode.”

In music, the 39-year-old rapper will be releasing a new record, “Street King Immortal” with his former G-Unit members Tony Yayo, and Lloyd Banks, Young Buck and Game, an album that he says “took a long time” because it was delayed a few times. Reuniting with his G-Unit crew was easier this time around since all the artists were more “developed” and everyone was on the same “moral level.”  

So how did 50 Cent go from an urban kid who pedaled drugs on the street to a successful entrepreneur and artist? 50 Cent attributes it to fate, passion, and the drive to change.

“Everything that we experience has been planned for. If you accept being in the position that you are in - you can just stay there or find passion and work until something happens for you. Everything revolves around your passion for it. How much energy you put into it being good. Not everyone is born with a silver spoon so make it happen for yourself through passion. The outcome will make you feel grounded and realistic.”

In a time where the youth in the inner cities feel hopeless, 50 Cent’s words are quite compelling. After all, he’s living the American dream.

50 Cent’s summer is jam-packed with SPY opening June 5, Southpaw July 24 and Power Season 2 premieres June 6 on Starz.

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