Isabella Gomez is Manifesting Working with Anne Hathaway in 'Princess Diaries 3'

Isabella Gomez interview Anne Hathaway look-alike

Actress Isabella Gomez (Netflix's One Day at a Time) stars in E! Network's movie, ROYAL RENDEZVOUS, and you can't help but notice she's an Anne Hathaway look-alike. The young actress chats with us about her new romantic comedy and why we're helping her manifest working with Anne Hathaway. 

ROYAL RENDEZVOUS premieres on E! Sunday, February 26 at 9 pm ET/PT. Gomez stars as an East L.A. chef who is invited to a manor in Ireland to cook for the royal banquet in an effort by a Lord to convince his grandmother not to sell their home. Meanwhile, a love triable threatens to derail the entire plan. Ruairi O’Connor and Ronan Raftery also star in ROYAL RENDEZVOUS.

Gomez reveals much of the script changed once she signed on to star, making her "Cat" character more like herself such as being blunt with the Royals.  

When we bring up her similarities with Hathaway, she reveals she's been very vocal about playing a younger version of her doppelganger or a sister in the upcoming sequel, PRINCESS DIARIES 3. We'll keep our fingers crossed we can help manifest her wish. 

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