Luke Wilson Talks '12 Mighty Orphans' and Playing Football Coach Hero Rusty Russell

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Texas-native Luke Wilson and 12 MIGHTY ORPHANS costar Vinessa Shaw play real-life couple Rusty and Juanita Russell in the new movie based on a true story of a Texan hero. During the Great Depression, football legend Rusty Russell moved his family to Fort Worth to form a football team at an orphanage. CineMovie talks to the actors about portraying the selfless couple who changed the lives of a few young men through the game of football. Watch the video below.

Wilson tells CineMovie that being a Texan was one of the reasons he took the part. Based on the book by Jim Dent, 12 MIGHTY ORPHANS tells the story of a Great Depression-era football team out of a Fort Worth orphanage who beat the odds to compete at the Texas state championships thanks to legendary high school coach Rusty Russell (Wilson). The coach apparently developed plays that defined modern football.

Opening June 18 in movie theaters, 12 MIGHTY ORPHANS also stars Wayne Knight, Jake Austin Walker, Treat Williams, Ron White, and Robert Duvall.

Official Synopsis
12 MIGHTY ORPHANS tells the true story of the Mighty Mites, the football team of a Fort Worth orphanage who, during the Great Depression, went from playing without shoes—or even a football—to playing for the Texas state championships. Over the course of their winning season, these underdogs and their resilient spirit became an inspiration to their city, state, and an entire nation in need of a rebound, even catching the attention of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The architect of their success was Rusty Russell, a legendary high school coach who shocked his colleagues by giving up a privileged position so he could teach and coach at an orphanage. Few knew Rusty's secret: that he himself was an orphan. Recognizing that his scrawny players couldn't beat the other teams with brawn, Rusty developed innovative strategies that would come to define modern football.

Starring Luke Wilson, Martin Sheen, Vinessa Shaw, Wayne Knight, Jake Austin Walker, Treat Williams, Ron White, and Robert Duvall

Directed by Ty Roberts

Screenplay by Ty Roberts & Lane Garrison and Kevin Meyer

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