Mexican Luchador Blue Demon Jr Reveals Comic Book and Movie Persona Will Be An Anti-Hero, Like Batman

Blue Demon Jr talks new comic book and movie

Mexican luchador Blue Demon Jr is taking his act from the ring to the comic book world and the big screen with an action movie. The masked wrestler attended his first Comic Con in San Diego to promote his upcoming comic book which he says will serve as a prologue to the movie. Blue Demon along with writers/Moxie 88 production executives Dan Carrillo Levy and Eugenio Villamar reveal details about what to expect from the luchador's new projects. 

Blue Demon Jr.’s appearance at San Diego Comic-Con comes weeks after celebrating 38 years in the ring, marking an incredible career that has expanded from wrestling to entertainment and pop culture. His recent partnership with Exile Content Studio and Moxie 88 will expand the use of Blue Demon Jr.’s likeness in the areas of film, television, animation and merchandising on a worldwide scale.

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