'Possessor Uncut' Director Brandon Cronenberg and Actress Andrea Riseborough Talk Sci-Fi Thriller

Possessor 2020 

<p>Brandon Cronenberg’s POSSESSOR UNCUT is one of the most interesting films this year starring <strong>Andrea Riseborough</strong> and <strong>Jennifer Jason Leigh</strong>. CineMovie zoomed with the director/writer, Riseborough and costar <strong>Christopher Abbott</strong> to discuss the artistic choices in this film about a corporate assassin who inhabits other people’s mind and body for a contract killing.</p>
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In the sci-fi thriller, Tasya Vos (Riseborough) goes under a brain-implant technology to take control of other people’s bodies in order to execute high profile targets. As she sinks deeper into her latest assignment Vos becomes trapped inside a mind that threatens to override her existence.  NEON released POSSESSOR: UNCUT for movie theaters on Friday, October 2.

The son of iconic director David Cronenberg, Brandon certainly inherited the filmmaking gene as evidenced in his new film, POSSESSOR UNCUT.  The highly-stylized movie is a sci-fi thriller which shares many traits with his father's work. Brandon talks about this story and his artistic choices for POSSESSOR UNCUT. 

'Possessor Uncut' Movie Review: A Modern Day Body Snatcher Movie

The actors also chime in on their characters, and why they enjoyed working with a visionary filmmaker like Brandon.  

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