Scott Eastwood Flexes Comedic Muscles and Says Social Media is a Relationship Killer

Scott Eastwood interview for I Want You Back

Scott Eastwood tries his hand at comedy starring with Charlie Day and Jenny Slate in Prime Video's I WANT YOU BACK. The actor tells CineMovie what attracted him to romantic comedy and why social media is a leading cause of breakups. 

In I WANT YOU BACK, Peter (Day) and Emma (Slate) meet after being dumped by their respective loves and make a deal to break up their former lover's new relationship after seeing their social media posts showing off their new loves.  

Eastwood plays Noah who broke up with Emma to start a new relationship. Under the guise of getting in shape, Peter hires Noah as a personal trainer and they quickly become buddies. While Day and Slate provide most of the laughs, Eastwood flexes his comedy chops for some fun with Charlie Day. 


I WANT YOU A BACK starts streaming on February 11 on Prime Video.

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