Swimming with Sharks and Chris Hemsworth: Valerie Taylor Talks Great Whites and Shooting Footage For Jaws Movie

Shark Expert Valerie Taylor NatGeo

Shark icon and conservationist Valerie Taylor has been swimming with sharks and filming them underwater since the 70s. The shark expert and Taylor's husband shot the underwater footage of real sharks for Steven Spielberg's JAWS. Taylor is the subject behind the National Geographic documentary, 'Playing with Sharks' as one of the few women who documented shark behavior for decades. Taylor talks to CineMovie about her underwater exploits with sharks and introducing Chris Hemsworth to a Great White for his Nat Geo special, "Shark Beach."

 National Geographic launched their 6-week SHARKFEST event July 5 with the Chris Hemsworth special, Shark Beach. Over 21 hours of original programming and 60 hours of enhanced content starring sharks will be running through August across all four networks, National Geographic, Nat Geo Wild, Nat Geo Mundo, and Disney Xd

Valerie Taylor is featured in two of the documentaries as a pioneer of underwater filming and shark research. Along with her husband, the couple shot the first-ever footage of sharks which led to Steven Spielberg hiring them to shoot real footage of sharks for JAWS. Taylor tells us a story about a Hollywood stuntman who feared getting into the water, so she doubled for him.

Watch Mrs. Taylor share her amazing stories about sharks, fighting to stay in the game along with the boys, and taking Chris Hemsworth underwater for his first encounter with a great white.

Playing with Sharks premieres on Disney+ on July 23.

Chris Hemsworth's Shark Beach begins streaming on Disney+ on July 9th

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