'Bad Samaritan' Director Dean Devlin Talks David Tennant and Why He's Over Making Studio Films

David Tennant in Bad Samaritan movie

Producer Dean Devlin, best known for producing Hollywood blockbusters such as INDEPENDENCE DAY and GODZILLA, is through with working on studio films that often have too many chefs in the kitchen. Devlin has taken to the directing chair and independently-financed the thriller, BAD SAMARITAN starring David Tennant. At WonderCon, he and BAD SAMARITAN screenwriter Brandon Boyce talked about casting David Tennant as the villain, geeking out when calling Tennant to offer him the role and why he's focusing on producing and directing his own films without the involvement of movie studios.

David Tennant plays a playboy millionaire with a penchant for torturing women in BAD SAMARITAN. Two petty burglars (Robert Sheehan, Carlito Olivero) stumble upon a woman being held captive by Tennant's maniacal character. 

While at WonderCon promoting the May 4th release, the director and screenwriter tell CineMovie why David Tennant (Dr. Who, Jessica Jones) was perfect for the role in BAD SAMARITAN. In the video interview below, Devlin also reveals why he's focused on making films under his own production banner, Electric Entertainment. He says he fully financed the film, and he's resting his future on the success of the film. He will continue to make independent films if BAD SAMARITAN makes money.

BAD SAMARITAN opens May 4.

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