Behind the Scenes of Alien Vs. Predator Maze at Halloween Horror Nights

AVP: Alien vs Predator new movie poster

Creative director John Murdy takes us behind the making of the "AVP: Alien vs Predator" Maze at this year's Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights. While on the red carpet for the EyeGore Awards, he also talked about another new maze inspired by Robert Rodriguez's "From Dusk 'Till Dawn"

Inspired by the Twentieth Century Fox cult sci-fi franchise, the complex and terrifying “AVP: Alien vs. Predator” maze entangles guests in the middle of an epic and primal war between the universe’s two most deadly species. To bring the maze to life, Murdy tells CineMovie used actual molds from the movie.

Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights run through November 2nd.

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