Jon Favreau Continues Disney Legacy in 'The Jungle Book' with Fantasound and Visual Cues from Dumbo, Pinocchio and Original Film

The Jungle Book Jon Favreau interview

THE JUNGLE BOOK director Jon Favreau continues the Disney legacy in a live action adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s beloved story first brought to life on screen by Disney animation in 1967. At a recent interview, Jon Favreau says to look for visual cues from the original animated film, and other Disney films such as Dumbo and Pinocchio. As a big fan of Walt Disney’s vision, Favreau also brought back Fantasound, a stereophonic sound reproduction system developed by Walt Disney studios and RCA for Fantasia, the first commercial film released in stereo.

In the interview below, Favreau explains why he wanted to continue that emotional connection in his JUNGLE BOOK vision. He wanted to replicate that same feeling he got watching the Disney films growing up to be reflected in THE JUNGLE BOOK. He pays homage to Disney’s early animated work in THE JUNGLE BOOK with “visual cues” taken straight out of classic films such as Dumbo and Pinocchio. He also brought brought back Fantasound specifically for THE JUNGLE BOOK in which he could isolate the musical instruments so the sound of each piece gives you the impression it's moving around the theater. You will be able to hear Fantasound only in Dolby Atmos theaters, says Favreau, which die-hard fans will appreciate.  

THE JUNGLE BOOK opens April 15.

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