'Criminal' Star Kevin Costner Says He's No Schwarzenegger or Denzel-Type Action Hero

Kevin Costner interview criminal

Kevin Costner may play a bad ass in CRIMINAL, his new movie with Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Oldman, but he admits he’s no action star like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Denzel Washington who can "clear a room" movie-style. Instead the actor says he approached the fighting scenes as realistic as possible. Listen to Costner describe his choices for the role of Jericho in CRIMINAL below. 

In CRIMINAL, Kevin Costner plays Jericho, an unpredictable and dangerous convict who’s implanted with the skills and memories of a dead CIA agent, Bill Pope (Ryan Reynolds). With his new found skills, Jericho sets out to find the stash of money hidden by the deceased agent using his memories, but soon Bill’s feelings and memories of his family interfere with his end goal. 

Kevin Costner is known more for his dramatic roles than as an action hero although he’s had his share of shoot outs and fights, but he doesn’t see himself as an action hero. He joked in a recent interview that he doesn’t see himself “clearing a room” in a fight scene a la Arnold Schwarzenegger or Denzel Washington in Book of Eli. In the audio interview below, Costner reveals how he had a hand in coordinating a fight scene that would reflect something more realistic.

CRIMINAL opens April 15.  

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