'Mayans M.C.' Producer Elgin James Used To Live The Thug Life

MayansMC Elgin James interview

If you're wondering why FX's show "Mayans M.C." is written so well, it may be due to showrunner Elgin James' prior gangster lifestyle. He explains to CineMovie how he channeled his anger in an artistic way and his advice to others on breaking the cycle of violence.

We caught up with the writer and producer on the FX show at the season 2 Hollywood premiere before the fall premiere. We were surprised to find out that James writes from what he knows. The biker gang thug life is not far from his own personal story. Some of the actors on the show also used to be gang bangers, and they say the show hits every beat accurately since Elgin comes from that experience.

MAYANS M.C. is nearing the end of season 2, so make sure to catch it Tuesdays at 10pm on FX.

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