Tyler Perry Retiring His Madea But Rebooting Her In The 70s

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Tyler Perry is done with dressing up as Madea but he's got more plans for the feisty lady. CineMovie's Valentina Patruno sat down with the writer, director and star of A MADEA FAMILY FUNERAL who tells us Madea will next be seen as a young woman in the 70s. He also reveals another character of his may get a franchise like Madea. Watch our video interview below. 

Perry also explains why he won't miss playing Madea, a character that propelled him into stardom. However, Madea's reign isn't over as he plans to reboot Madea and hire a new actress to play Madea in the 70s. Oh, the possibiliites of setting it in the disco era of the 70s'. Perry isn't over disguising himself as other characters. CineMovie asked him which of his characters could have their very own franchise too, and "Dirty Joe" came to mind. Watch him explain it in his own words below. 

Catch Perry's Madea for the last time in A MADEA FAMILY FUNERAL, now playing in movie theaters.

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