'Locas Por El Cambio' Trailer: Amazon Prime Video's First Original Movie From Mexico

LOCAS POR EL CAMBIO will be Amazon Prime Video's first foray into Spanish language comedy from Latin America. The comedy, based in Mexico City, will premiere on November 27, 2020 on the streaming service in more than 240 countries and territories. The body switching plot isn't new but folks can get a view of Mexico that has nothing to do with narcos. Watch the hilarious new trailer.

Th cast includes novela veteran Itatí Cantoral who is the bigger name in the Mexican comedy along with Sofía Sisniega ("Club de Cuervos"), and Mariel Molino ("El Juego de las Llaves").

Locos Por Cambio posterMore about LOCAS POR EL CAMBIO

LOCAS POR EL CAMBIO tells the hilarious story of Paula (Molino), who has lived a life of privilege that has led her to feel comfortable but unsatisfied with her life, and Paula (Sisniega) who has experienced the opposite and feels overwhelmed with the responsibilities of modern life. Everything will change one fateful day when they’ll have to get in the other’s shoes and will discover that not everything is as it seems, and in between tangles and adventures, will literally experience in their own heads, what makes them so different and similar at the same time.
This movie was written and directed by Ihtzi Hurtado and also stars Mauricio Argüelles (No Manches Frida 2), Juan Pablo Gil (Nosotros los Nobles, Niñas Mal), Itatí Cantoral (No Manches Frida 2, Capadocia), José María Torre-Hütt (El Juego de las Llaves), and Alejandra Ley (Four Moons). Corazón Films’s Eckehardt von Damm, Sandro Halphen, and Carla Farell Benet are producing, alongside Mauricio Argüelles and César Rodríguez. They are joined by Javier Salgado, and Gustavo Mountaudon as executive producers.
LOCAS POR EL CAMBIO is part of a growing list of local Amazon Originals in Latin America, like Diablo Guardián, Un Extraño Enemigo, LOL: Last One Laughing, El Juego de las Llaves, El Presidente, La Jauría, Cómo Sobrevivir Soltero, and Pan y Circo.

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