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Kraven The Hunter, Gran Turismo, Napoleon and More First Look Footage Screened at Sony Pictures's CinemaCon Presentation: Full Rundown

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 Cinemacon Sony movies 2023 Jennifer Lawrence, David Harbour, Denzel Washington Photo Credit: Stewart Cook

CinemaCon, the annual theater owners' convention in Las Vegas, kicked off their week-long preview of upcoming movies. Sony Pictures opened the convention with their upcoming slate that includes KRAVEN THE HUNTER, GRAN TURISMO, Ridley Scott’s NAPOLEON, and news from sequels such as GHOSTBUSTERS, BAD BOYS, and INSIDIOUS. Sony also paraded stars such as Jennifer Lawrence, Denzel Washington, Issa Rae, Orlando Bloom, David Harbour and others from their upcoming movies.

See the complete list of movies previewed and details about the exclusive footage.


Martin Lawrence and Will Smith return for a fourth time as the Miami cops. The stars appeared in a recorded message from the set. They revealed they are currently in the fourth week of shooting.


Director Craig Gillespie (CRUELLA, I, TONYA) and DUMB MONEY star Paul Dano were on stage promoting their film about the recent GameStop Wall Street fiasco. The opening sequence of the movie was shown during the presentation.

DUMB MONEY follows the Wall Street crash of GameSpot after the stock skyrocketed due to a Reddit user, played by Paul Dano. Gillespie brought with him the opening of the movie with Seth Rogen, Nick Offerman and Vincent D’Onofrio on the phone reacting to the skyrocketing shares. The scene cuts back and forth between the chaos of the breaking news unfolding over the phone with the investors and ordinary people reacting to the skyrocketing stock with glimpses of America Ferrera as a nurse, and Pete Davidson in a stretch as a pothead.

The DUMB MONEY opens October 20 which also stars Shailene Woodley, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Ramos, and Clancy Brown.

Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne return in a fourth INSIDIOUS movie with the young actor Tye Simpkins from the first movie reprising his role as their son. The story picks up the Lambert family 10 years since the last film, and Dalton (Simpkins) is off to college but he’s still haunted by the evil spirit who trapped him in The Further.

From the footage shown, The Further is not done with the teen and of course, the family must keep it from happening.

Sony partnered with CrunchyRoll for THE MACHINE starring stand-up comic Bert Kreischer and Mark Hamill playing his father. Kreischer appeared in a recorded message dressed as Ariel from the LITTLE MERMAID with a full belly exposed. It was quite a disturbing image but a hilarious one.

In THE MACHINE, Bert’s past catches up to him 20 years later when the Russians come after him and Hamill for something he did abroad in Russia during his booze-filled study abroad.



Co-director Kemp Powers brought out stars Shameik Moore ("Miles Morales"), Hailee Steinfeld (Gwen Stacy) and Issa Rae who voices Spider-Woman “Jessica Drew.”

Fourteen minutes were previewed with the footage focusing on the relationship status between Miles and Gwen. Gwen visits a grounded Miles in his bedroom. She convinces him to join her outdoors, and off they go slinging into action for fun across the city but she’s keeping something from him. She plants a video device on a post outside someone’s apartment building. Gwen explains to Miles that she’s part of an exclusive Spider-people group led by tech genius Miguel O’Hara (voiced by Oscar Isaac) who has sent her on a mission with some sort of wrist device that allows her to watch the surveillance video.

The preview also included a tender moment between Miles and his mother Rio (Luna Lauren Velez).


A buff Aaron Taylor-Johnson appeared in a previously recorded message. The KRAVEN THE HUNTER actor announced the rating will indeed be an R as fans have been demanding.

Sony then revealed a trailer exclusive to CinemaCon that confirms Spider-Man’s comic book nemesis will be brutal in his cinematic adaptation. Kraven is a cold-blooded killer who bites off a nose and snaps a claw trap on someone’s head. Russell Crowe appears as Kraven’s father talking to a young Sergei Kravinoff about his responsibilities.

Kraven is no fan of big game hunters and their trophy kills so he hunts them down in the footage screened. The biggest reveal from the preview is the character of Rhino played by Alessandro Nivola whose hand begins to morph into scaly skin. Rhino’s first brief big screen appearance was in Andrew Garfield’s THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 with Paul Giamatti in a mechanical Rhino suit.



Jennifer Lawrence appeared live at the Sony presentation with NO HARD FEELINGS director Gene Stupnitsky. They brought along a hilarious 10-minute scene with Lawrence's sexy but bumbling character attempting to seduce a college-bound virgin at his place of work - a pet adoption center.  whose not sure how to react to the aggressive woman coming on to him. 

She is hired by his parents to deflower the legal-aged teen. 

The exclusive clip shows off Lawrence’s comedic ability and fans will no doubt enjoy her turn in the comedy

NO HARD FEELINGS hits theaters on June 23.



The PlayStation racing simulation game gets a big screen adaptation around a true story in GRAN TURISMO. Orlando Bloom and David Harbour were on hand to talk about their new movie, directed by Neill Blomkamp. They introduced an exclusive trailer for the film.

Based on a true story, a Gran Turismo player became a race car driver after applying his gaming skills to a real-life track. The trailer features Bloom’s character coming up with the idea of recruiting Gran Turismo gamers for a Nissan competition to become actual professional race car drivers. David Harbour is the trainer who will train the young gamers for the real race track.

Euphoria’s Sydney Sweeney and TOP GUN: MAVERICK’s Glen Powell go the romantic route in an R-rated romantic comedy. The two stars flew in from Australia where they had just wrapped production. The two explain their characters do not like each other, yet they will fall in love.

In the exclusive trailer, ANYONE BUT YOU bared it all with the two leads in the buff. Sony Pictures Entertainment Chairperson Tom Rothman teased they are pushing the envelope with his rom-com.


Another film in production is the next entry in the GHOSTBUSTERS franchise. Jason Reitman returns to direct, and in a recorded message he brought along his returning cast with Paul Rudd, Carrie Coon, Finn Wolfhard, and McKenna Grace dressed in their ghostbusting uniform alongside the Ecto vehicle. Rudd revealed the team is now a family and living in NYC in the original firehouse where it all began.


Antoine Fuqua presented Denzel Washington with the Lifetime Achievement Award. He accepted the award and then introduced his THE EQUALIZER 3 costar Dakota Fanning. Then a trailer was shown which was also released to the public.


Sony partnered with AppleTV+ for the Ridley Scott epic, NAPOLEON starring Joaquin Phoenix as Napoleon Bonaparte. Footage shown evoked GLADIATOR-style action and grandeur. The movie will open exclusively in theaters and then move to AppleTV+ for streaming.

A battle on snow ensues during a standoff between Napoleon’s forces and the opposition to the French Revolution. Like GLADIATOR, the action is brutal and epic. The sequence shows Napoleon’s military prowess on the battlefield.

In the two pieces of dialogue from Phoenix as the historical figure, the actor seems to forego the French accent but it’s hard to be sure with the brief screentime.

NAPOLEON is set for release this Thanksgiving.

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