Russell Crowe's 'Unhinged' Now Opening August 21 in US Movie Theaters

Russell Crowe in Unhinged movie  

Solstice Studios has once again moved Russell Crowe's thriller UNHINGED to August 21 in U.S. movie theaters. The studios' announcement touts their film as the first new release for American movie theaters since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. UNHINGED already opened in Germany mid-July, and plans to roll out the movie to Australia, New Zealand and the UK this weekend.

Crowe, Gabriel Bateman and Caren Pistorius star in the psychological thriller, UNHINGED. A stranger (Crowe) decides to teach a woman a lesson after a road rage incident. Rachel (Pistorius) refuses to apologize to the stranger after she aggressively honked at him for not moving on a green light. What follows is a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

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UNHINGED originally was set to open July 1st but with movie theaters closing down once again, many studios have had to shuffle their release schedules. Aside from UNHINGED, BILL AND TED FACE THE MUSIC was reset for September 1 and Warner Bros. once again moved TENET to open exclusively in American movie theaters September 4.

For more on the UNHINGED press release, see below.


Official Announcement


Solstice Studios Leads the Re-Opening of U.S. Movie Theaters on August 21st With the Release of Action Thriller UNHINGED starring Academy Award Winner Russell Crowe.

We are excited to announce that UNHINGED will open August 21st, 2020, making it the first new wide release in American movie theaters since they shut down in March due to Covid-19.

While our release date plans for UNHINGED have changed a few times due to the dynamic nature of reopening movie theaters in the midst of a pandemic, our desire to give moviegoers a safe viewing experience, and our ongoing commitment to our exhibition partners - large and small - have remained unwavering.

We know that theaters won't be open in every city or county when we launch. However, we anticipate that the vast majority of movie theaters will be open and ready to meet what nationwide polls consistently show is substantial pent-up audience demand to see new movies in theaters.

That said, no opening in this time period will be largely about the opening weekend. A significant number of additional theaters plan to open in our second week, and with a relatively light schedule of competitive films, the expectation is that "UNHINGED" will open more modestly but stay in theaters longer.

Moviegoers have expressed a clear desire to return to theaters this summer (80% say they will definitely attend), while making it equally clear that they want the experience to be both comfortable and safe. Our partners in exhibition have answered this call by employing advanced sterilization and filtration methods, social distanced seating, no touch payment systems, and many other measures to prioritize safety over all else. Without their thorough commitment to safety, we would not be proceeding.

John Fithian, President and CEO of the National Association of Theater Owners, stated, "On behalf of the U.S. exhibition community, I want to thank Solstice Studios for their commitment to bringing UNHINGED to theaters, and for doing their part to help reinvigorate the theatrical movie business. Movie theaters are able to safely reopen with thorough health and safety measures in many states across the country, but if studios wait until 100% of the theaters are open, it will be too late. We need supporters like Solstice Studios, and UNHINGED is the perfect film to kick off the opening of theaters to capture the last weeks of summer box office, followed by Tenet on Labor Day weekend and a strong fall schedule."

On the International front, UNHINGED opened number 1 in Germany on July 16th to a great result, and remained the number one film this past weekend. Our global expansion continues in Australia, New Zealand and the UK this Thursday, 7/30.

Solstice Studios was founded on the belief that nothing matches the theatrical moviegoing experience, and we are proud to play our part in bringing that beloved experience back to audiences across the globe. Last year, the theatrical film industry grossed over $11 billion in the US alone. Its revitalization is as important to our economy and the many local businesses that support and benefit from movie going, as it is to our culture and preserving our rich creative history as storytellers. Thank you for joining us in supporting our local movie theaters.

See you at the movies in August!

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