HALLOWEEN ENDS is the thirteen film in the franchise John Carpenter created 44 years ago. Director/writer David Gordon Green and writer Danny McBride had their work cut out to bring a refreshing take on the serial killer Michael Myers in a span of three movies. So which film was the best in the Blumhouse trilogy?


HALLOWEEN KILLS is probably the most ridiculous of the three. Laurie is sidelined, and a mob mentality annoyingly and repeatedly chanting "evil dies tonight" takes over as they hunt down the monster who's off on a gruesome killing spree with the highest body count of any HALLOWEEN movie.

The returning characters from previous movies are wasted and seemed to only serve as bodies to kill.

KILLS is a straight-up slasher film with very little story but some blood-thirsty fans were excited regardless.

HALLOWEEN KILLS is easily the most annoying film ever.


The final film in the trilogy is  HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH of the franchise. In that movie, there was no Michael Myers and no Laurie Strode. It has become a cult favorite but many still despise the fake out.

The HALLOWEEN ENDS trailer promised a showdown between the old nemesis but audiences must wait for the final act to see it.

In ENDS, Michael Myers is sidelined in favor of a new killer. Corey Cunningham (Rohan Campbell) is introduced as the town’s “freak” who accidentally killed a child he was babysitting. The endless tormenting from teen bullies and an encounter with a weak Michael living in a sewer starts his journey into becoming a murderer. Laurie’s granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak) starts to fall for Corey and discovers her own dark tendencies.

Meanwhile, Laurie is attempting to live a normal life, free of fear after four years since the death of her daughter (Judy Greer). It seems out of character with an extreme take from the 2018 Laurie. She is writing a memoir about her experience so we hear her narration that sums up the theme behind the movie. What is evil? Then we see it take shape in HALLOWEEN ENDS. The final line in Laurie’s memoir and in the conclusion of the film is fitting and opens up future HALLOWEEN movies. “Evil can take a different shape,” she types. It’s a clever line given that Michael Myers was originally referred to as the “Shape.”

1. HALLOWEEN (2018)

The Michael and Laurie storyline should’ve ended with this 2018 entry. The ultimate face-off occurred in the film. It was a perfect blend of nostalgia and something new with Laurie evolving from a victim to fighter.

However, Hollywood is a business and money is there end game.

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