'Hawkeye' Review: Hailee Steinfeld and Jeremy Renner Make Dynamic Duo

 Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld

Jeremy Renner reprises his role as Clint Barton aka Hawkeye in the Disney+ series with Hailee Steinfeld joining the Avenger as Kate Bishop. The first two episodes are now streaming.

Clint has retired as an Avenger, and he promises his family he'll be home for Christmas but Kate (Steinfeld) throws a wrench in those plans when she inadvertently becomes involved with an underground organization and he must stick around to uncover the menace.

Jeremy Renner, Kevin Feige and Vera Farmiga Praise Hawkeye’s Hailee Steinfeld

As usual, Steinfeld brings a charm and strong will to Kate which makes her the perfect choice to take over the Hawkeye name. Steinfeld and Renner make a great duo with great chemistry and humor.

The action is all practical and grounded with mano-a-mano fight scenes.  However, there is one scene in which Kate manages to fight off multiple henchmen with great skill that seemed highly unlikely given her small stature compared to the men. Clint does save her eventually when it looks like she'll lose the fight. 

The supporting characters played by Vera Farmiga and John Dalton are mysterious players as Eleanor Bishop and her fiancé Jack who don't appear to be who they claim. In the comics, Eleanor is a vampire while Jack is the Swordsman who was Clint's mentor so it'll be interesting to see where they take those characters but the first two episodes lay the groundwork for both to become Kate's nemesis in perhaps a second season.

Like WandaVision, Marvel's Hawkeye is filled with red-herrings that will keep you glued to Disney+ for the short six-episode series.  [SPOILER AHEAD] At the end of the second episode, Maya Lopez enters the picture, played by Alaqua Cox, the first deaf and Native American character in the MCU. The adopted daughter of Kingpin is behind the assassins looking for Kate. Lopez will have her own Disney+ show as Echo, one of her names in the Marvel comic books who also had a storyline with Daredevil. Fans are hoping that's an indication that Charlie Cox may reprise his role as Matt Murdock. 

New Hawkeye episodes stream every Wednesday.



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