‘King of Killers’ Movie Review: A Solid Action Movie For Home Viewing

Review: Alain Moussi and Frank Grillo in King of Killers movie 2023

Alain Moussi’s fighting prowess is on display in KING OF KILLERS, but what the former stuntman and martial arts-trained actor has to kick up a notch are his acting skills. Frank Grillo is the main attraction in KING OF KILLERS, and the actor shows up his fellow costars in this solid action movie but the film suffers from some corny and on-the-nose dialogue.

Based on a graphic novel by writer-director Kevin Grevioux, hitman Marcus Garan (Moussi) takes on a $10 million contract to kill the top assassin nicknamed “King of Killers.” Marcus travels to Tokyo for the assignment and meets the client (Grillo) but discovers it’s not your run-of-the-mill assassination plot but a competition among other top assassins to kill the King of Killers. The target, however, is the client, and he has a few tricks up his sleeve, giving him an unfair advantage.

After a slow and predictable start that sets up Moussi’s character and his personal life, KING OF KILLER kicks into high gear once the action moves to Tokyo and the competition begins. While the beats are familiar, the premise is intriguing once all the assassins are pitted against each other. The fight sequences are entertaining and the unique kills are gruesome.

The story suffers from large plot holes but that’s expected from films such as these. The acting and dialogue are subpar. The main star and supporting actors except for Grillo are unconvincing and wooden in the delivery of their lines, and the lazy writing doesn’t help. The characters often state the obvious which will elicit a chuckle from most viewers. Luckily Grillo's charisma helps the film rise above the mundane. 

Frank Grillo in King of Killers movie 2023

The production value is high which is surprising for a low-budget movie from Lionsgate.

KING OF KILLERS delivers on the action with a unique premise but is it worthy of a trip to the movie theater? The answer is no. The film is a good option for home viewing.

KING OF KILLERS is now playing in limited theaters, On Digital and On Demand.

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