Movies To Stream: 'Chevalier' with Kevin Harrison Jr, Lucy Boynton, Samara Weaving, Minnie Driver

Kevin Harrison in Chevalier movie review

Kevin Harrison Jr. is one of the most underrated actors of this generation, and his starring turn in the untold story of the first Black composer in CHEVALIER proves his worth. The film is filled with tension, drama, and music with great performances in addition to Harrison, from Lucy Boynton, Samara Weaving and Minnie Driver. The must-see movie is now available on Digital.

Harrison portrays 18th Century musical prodigy Joseph Bologne who counted the Queen of France, Marie Antoinette as one of his close friends. The illegitimate son of a French plantation owner and an African slave, moved up French society as a talented violinist, conductor, composer, and fencer. Queen Antoinette named him Chevalier de Saint-Georges. When Bologne aspires to be the next conductor of the Paris Opera, racism gets in his way.

Director Stephen Williams and screenwriter Stefani Robinson bring an equal balance to the representation of racism in 18th Century France. There are equal amounts of Bologne allies as there are racist foes. What's refreshing is seeing a character who doesn't see himself as a victim but rather as a confident and often pretentious person who thinks of himself as a more talented artist than Amadeus and other established musicians of the time.  Bologne challenges the status quo and we're here for it.  

Harrison is perfection in the role of the confident prodigy who knows his worth and sees himself as an equal regardless of his skin color. The actor brings a determination to the character that viewers will admire, and root for as the underdog. 

Lucy Boynton in Chevalier movie

Lucy Boynton portrays the iconic Queen as a party girl living her best life in France's party circuit before the French Revolution.

CHEVALIER is a juicy drama filled with great characters and the untold story of the first Black composer whose history was erased from the history books. Since the plot revolves around the French aristocracy it often feels like an episode of Dynasty with bitchy personalities and petty squabbles. Minnie Driver plays that part to perfection as an aging opera singer.

Minnie Driver in Chevalier movie 2023

CHEVALIER is now available on all major digital retailers including Prime Video, Apple TV, Vudu and Movies Anywhere.

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