'The Boys' Season 4 Review: More Racy, More Political

The Boys Season 4 series review

The Boys season 4 is full of shocking moments that make past seasons feel tamed. However, the latest season is stuck on repeat, following past plotlines. The first few episodes are slower-paced and highly political but the second half picks up momentum and leaves you salivating for the finale, which changes everything for The Boys and Sups. 

When we last left The Boys, Ryan (Cameron Crovetti) joined his father Homelander's (Antony Starr) side at Vought, Victoria Neuman (Claudia Domit) is one step closer to the Oval Office, Butcher (Karl Urban) has months to live and Starlight/Annie (Erin Moriarity) has left the Seven.

The first three episodes will begin streaming Thursday, June 13 on Prime Video

The first episode kicks off on Election Night with President-Elect Bob Singer and VP Victoria Neuman celebrating their win. The Boys are conspiring to take someone out. Butcher is running out of time because of his Temp V use in season 3 but unaware of his condition, The Boys want no help from the loose cannon.

Meanwhile, Homelander is becoming unstable as he feels his mortality slipping away when he finds a gray hair. The psycho superhero tires of the "yes" people around him and seeks out someone willing to speak up and tell him the truth. He recruits Sage, the smartest person in the world to secure his world domination. The bookworm is Homelander's new weapon, and she's just as psychotic as her boss whom she's not scared to say "no" to.

Annie isn't sitting on the sidelines after leaving The Seven. Annie forms a foundation who are out to expose Vought and serve as a counterpart to Homelander's MAGA-style mob.

We meet the new sup, Firecracker, an online hate-monger out to bring down Annie.

The Vought team and Homelander are grooming Ryan to be the next mini Homelander, but as usual, Homelander makes it about himself.

Frenchi starts a new relationship but there's some heavy baggage with his new love interest.

In a familiar plot, Butcher's last dying wish is to save Ryan from Homelander while The Boys attempt to prevent the Presidency from falling into the hands of a Sup.

As usual, THE BOYS make social and political commentary through the action, but this season it's laid on heavy duty using the same language and talking points of the far-right,  including child trafficking. These shows are often escapist entertainment but it hits too close to home.

This season is the raciest yet with tons of male nudity and X-rated scenes. If haters are complaining about the imagined "lesbian" witch coven in Lucasfilm's Disney+ series, Star Wars: The Acolyte then The Boys season 4 will blow their minds.

So far, The Boys seem to be losing steam with less creative storylines, but they are finding new ways to shock viewers or gross you out. The Boys will wrap after season 5, but it seems the writers are struggling to keep new episodes fresh. However, the investment in the characters is still strong.

There are tons of cameos in the first three episodes which we were sworn not to reveal.

Catch the first three episodes now streaming on Prime Video, followed by a new episode each week, ending with the epic season finale on Thursday, July 18.

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