'The Imaginary' Movie Review

Netflix movie the imaginary review

From the animation team behind SPIRITED AWAY and PRINCESS MONONOKE comes another marvelous animated flick, THE IMAGINARY.

THE IMAGINARY takes us into the world of imaginary friends with Rudger who loses his human friend and arrives at The Town of Imaginaries where Imaginaries live until they find a new child pal. He must find his friend while dodging a mysterious man who eats Imaginaries.

The Japanese import, acquired by Netflix, is a refreshing break from the CGI onslaught of animated films. The hand-drawn animation suits the setting of imaginary friends and the world of the Imaginaries. First-of-their-kind techniques of light and shadow heighten the animation style.

Directed by renowned animator Yoshiyuki Momose, the film is an adaptation of the award-winning novel of the same name by A.F. Harrold and illustrated by Emily Gravett (Bloomsbury Publishing).

The story begins with Amanda and her imaginary friend Rudger creating a wonderful world of make-believe. After a rather slow start, the pace picks up when the threat appears and the two friends are separated.  When we meet the other characters in The Town of Imaginaries, we fall for the endearing creatures. 

The story also serves as a reminder of what has been lost with the new generation. The ability to use your imagination to create worlds within their minds is lost on the younger generation who are glued to their video games and iPads.

The Japanese film is a must-watch for the entire family and their young children, but some dark moments may not be suitable for very young ages.

THE IMAGINARY premieres on Netflix on July 5th.

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