'This Fool' Season 2 Review

This Fool 2023 Hulu series season 2

Those fools from the hood are back in season 2 of the extremely funny Hulu series,  This Fool.  The irreverent comedy starring Chris Estrada, Frankie Quinones, and Michael Imperioli, perfectly captures life in South Central. The quirky characters decide to open up a new coffee shop, "Mugs Not Thugs" and of course, there are shenanigans that will have you rolling on the floor although the laughs are not as consistent as last season.

In This Fool season 2, an unemployed Chris is finding it hard to move on while Luis is motivated to better his situation. Julio is not the optimist man of season one, and at the start of season 2 Chris decides the life of a slacker suits him. The roles are reversed with Luis becoming more responsible.

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After a close call with death, Julio, Luis, and Chef Percy embark on a new career as entrepreneurs of a coffee shop with Minister Payne taking the lead.

While not every episode is a riot like the first season, there’s plenty to be entertained with quick, witty banter. The interaction between the characters continues to be very natural and reflective of the South Los Angeles area. Seven episodes in, the characters continue to be as endearing and relatable. 

The first season tackled stereotypes and turned them on its head. Season 2 handles stereotypes to a lesser degree but it finds different ways to bring the comedy across. Episode 1: The Rooster and Episode 4: Feel The Payne are standouts. Episode 1: The Rooster hilariously brings together the residents of the South LA neighborhood over an annoying crowing rooster. The Latinos, the black neighbors, and one Asian's interaction is a master class in comedy writing. They call each other out in the most hilarious way using culture and politics but in a light-hearted manner.

The beauty of the show apart from the irreverent comedy is the representation of the working-class Latino and the diverse neighborhood. There is no other series that captures life in the hood like This Fool.  

The cast of characters played by Estrada, Quinones, Imperioli, and Jamar Malachi Neighbors, complement each other.

Season two may be a little less clever than the previous outing, but it’s still one of the best series on television.

This Fool season 2 is now streaming on Hulu.

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