FED UP Movie Review: The Doc That Will Piss You Off

Directed by Stephanie Soechitig (Tapped), produced by An Inconvenient Truth’s Laurie David and narrated by Katie Couric, FED UP claims over 80% of processed foods sold in the United States contain sugar and that sugar is so highly addicted, it has the same effects of cocaine on the brain. The food industry definitely doesn’t want you to see this since it really will change your mind about buying these processed foods on the store shelves.

FED UP presents expert after expert including former President Bill Clinton discussing the negative effects of consuming large amounts of sugar and why the government has not done much to regulate the companies producing food products. All you have to do is look at a food product or a can of food to see the long list of unrecognizable ingredients that are probably making you sick. It’s quite frightening after watching FED UP to know what some of those ingredients are.  

FED UP even takes a jab at Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” Campaign in that promoting physical activity isn’t enough. As the first lady representing the government, they’re refer to the program as hypocritical because Capitol Hill allows the food industry to essentially “poison” children and go as far as calling tomato paste and pizza a vegetable.  The capitalist dollars are hard at work at Washington to keep the status quo. But their stance is too harsh on Mrs. Obama since they fail to mention that the program has already helped schools get rid of soda and snack machines. At least parents and kids are more aware of what they put in their mouths, but its obviously not enough since obesity is still a major problem in this country.

What’s heartbreaking about the film is the obese children talking about their struggle to lose weight and exercise, and the difficulty in shedding pounds. I, for one, would blame the parents, but FED UP doesn’t judge them, but one look at the parental units and they are in the same boat. Relying on snacks and processed foods to feed their kids is an easy solution to a lazy society that wants immediate gratification.

FED UP offers a solution to this problem. Cook your own food, but in this fast-paced society, it’s too easy to drive through a fast food joint or open up that bag of chips.

FED UP opened my eyes so let’s hope enough people see this and stop buying these products to force companies to rethink how they package foods.

FED UP is playing in movie theaters and also opens in Mexico with Kuno Becker narrating. Mexico just beat out the U.S. as the most obese country in the world

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