New Movie Review: HORRIBLE BOSSES 2 Gets Raunchier

Nick, Dale and Kurt are now entrepreneurs with their Shower Buddy invention. When a father and son investor played by Christoph Waltz and Chris Pine promise the boys to distribute their product, they pull a fast one on them, and the boys set out to make back their money by kidnapping his son Rex (Pine). Of course nothing goes as planned for the nitwits as usual, and that’s when the story gets interesting.

The tables are turned on the guys with twist and turns you don’t see coming. The laughs are pretty consistent throughout with Jennifer Aniston, Jamie Foxx’s Motherf***** Jones and Kevin Spacey turning up to provide more scene stealing moments in the film. Jennifer Aniston’s Dr. Julia is even more naughty this time around with lines that made me even blush.  She should play bad girls more often since she’s delightfully entertaining with an even of a worse potty mouth in HORRIBLE BOSSES 2.

It’s nice to see Chris Pine has range playing one of the villains in HORRIBLE BOSSES 2. We’re used to seeing him play movie heroes, but in this one Rex is the ultimate jerk and spoiled man boy. Christoph Waltz once again plays villain well, but he's one of the underserved characters of the movie.

While it’s not better than the first one, HORRIBLE BOSSES 2 holds up well, and with the lack of comedies in movie theaters, this is probably the best choice for the long Thanksgiving holiday.

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