Here's Why The 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Cast Is Excited to Finally Share Film

For Watts, who was largely an unknown filmmaker prior to the project, being a fan of the comic book franchise played a major role in his vision.

“I just try to approach it as the biggest fan possible and the opportunity to finally put Spider-Man where he belongs in the Marvel universe, really just opened so many doors to all of the new kinds of stories we could tell,” Watts said. “So if anything I felt like we were being as true as possible as anyone has ever been about Spider-man.”

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Spider-man: Homecoming on set Michael Keaton Jon Watts

For Holland, playing such an iconic role was a huge responsibility, especially since it’s his favorite character. The young actor cited Tobey Maguire’s much-beloved turn as the high school hero as his inspiration.

“I think the thing that I had to remind myself most when I took on this character was that Tobey Maguire’s Spider-man had such a huge impact on me as a kid,” Holland said. “He was my role model growing up, he was my favorite character. So I had to remind myself that I’m going to have that same impact on kids of the younger generation. I really wanted to do them proud and be a solid role model for them to make a fresh version of the character we know and love.”

Spider-man Homecoming Tom Holland

Of course, the film wouldn’t be complete without Downey’s scene stealing role as Tony Stark/Iron Man but the star says, he is considers himself a small part of what makes Homecoming such a worthwhile ride.

“Amy (producer Amy Pascal) and them had done these iterations of Spider-man previous and they really should do one of those breakdown, easy to read books about all the miracles that had to had to happen for us to be here today. This turned out so well. I saw it, I was in it for a little bit, but I loved it.”

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Spider-Man Homecoming Robert Downey, Jr., Tom Holland and Jon Favreau

As for Michael Keaton, portraying a villain with relatable motives proved refreshing.

“I thought it was inventive and an interesting way to go,” Keaton says of the character’s backstory, “I’m not really familiar with a lot of the lore, so for me, I was trying to catch up.”

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Keaton also drew on current events and hinted that there are elements of the character that are similar to President Trump.

“I just thought the simplicity of making this character approachable, it’s timely,” he noted. “Let’s not talk about why it’s timely, cause I want to blow my brains out.”

He continued, “ I thought it was a really unique approach and obvious to make this person approachable and has a legitimate gripe and argument. It was a fun gig.”

Spider Man Homecoming Michael Keaton

Another character presented with a unique spin, is Aunt May - played by Tomei. Being unfamiliar with previous incarnations of the role, allowing the Oscar-winner to approach the character in a way that was fresh.

“ I didn’t really know what Aunt May looked like until after I signed up,” Tomei said “I couldn’t understand why my agents kept saying to me “They’re going to make her sexy”. Ugh, stop trying to coddle me. Oh, in contrast of another way to go. These guys had this vision of how it would be revamped and everyone was going to be younger and she’s his Aunt by marriage so she can be any age at all.”

So how will all these great elements come into play for the next Marvel installment? Watts would rather focus on the release of Homecoming.

“I try to think about this stuff one movie at a time,” Watts said.”But now that now that Spider-Man is part of this big crazy universe, we can definitely tell some new stories.”

SPIDER:HOMECOMING is in movie theaters July 7.

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