Cast Interviews & Movie Reviews: Next Day Air

"Scrubs" Donald Faison stars alongside Mike Epps, Mos Def, Wood Harris ("The Wire") and Debbie Allen in NEXT DAY AIR, a hilarious action comedy.  

When two small-time hoods (Mike Epps and Wood Harris) receive a package of grade-A cocaine meant for their wannabe gangster neighbor, they think they've hit the jackpot.  But when they try to cash in, it triggers a series of events that forever changes the lives of ten people. 

CineMovie sat down with the cast to ask what they would do if they received a package meant for someone else and why you should see this movie instead of the Hollywood summer blockbusters.

NEXT DAY AIR opens May 8th.






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Method Directing

Actors often immerse themselves into character through Method Acting.   Directors plunge into their roles just the same to research their subjects.  Student Academy Award winner Cary Joji Fukunaga subscribed to Method Directing for his feature debut, SIN NOMBRE.  

Winner of the Directing Award and the Excellence in Cinematography Award in the U.S. Dramatic Competition at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival, SIN NOMBRE is the filmmaker’s firsthand experiences with Central American immigrants seeking the promise of the U.S.  The Spanish-language movie takes place largely on top of cargo trains which transport the immigrants from Honduras to the border towns of Mexico.                                SIN NOMBRE trailer  

As the director and writer of the project, Cary Joji Fukunaga on his own rode alongside strangers on top of these dangerous trains to learn about the people who risks their lives in order to make it to the promise land.

The courageous up and coming director sat down with CineMovie's Viviana Vigil* to discuss his risky decision, in the name of filmmaking. 

SIN NOMBRE is in selected theaters nationwide.


  Interview with SIN NOMBRE producers Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna


*Catch Viviana Vigil as the host of NBC's "1st Look" and "Open House." 

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CineMovie TV hung with the cast and guests of RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN at the Hollywood red carpet premiere of the number one movie in America starring Dwayne Johnson as a Las Vegas cab driver dragged into helping two teens from outer space. 

Los Angeles radio personality Alysha Del Valle of Latino 89.3 grilled the stars on their personal beliefs in other-worldly beings.

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Wes Craven Transfers Power

Wes Craven hands off his classic horror film "Last House on the Left" to foreign-born Dennis Iliad, a director new to Hollywood.  Wes Craven and Dennis Iliad sit down with CineMovie to discuss their approach to remaking the thriller and Wes' hands off approach to producing the film. 

Watch users review this film

On DVD August 11th - check out features


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Jonas Brothers Interview & Movie Reviews

Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience

The Jonas Brothers document their 'Burning Up" tour in a 3D experience hitting theaters February 27.  Kevin, Joe, and Nick talk about their experience shooting their concert and their fans. 

Studio:    Walt Disney Pictures
Genres:    Documentary And Musical/Performing Arts
Release Date:    February 27, 2009 (wide)
MPAA Rating:    G
Starring:    Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas
Directed By:    Bruce Hendricks
Produced By:    Douglas C. Merrifield, Arthur Repola, Phil McIntyre
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Moises Arias in Beethoven's Big Break

Moises Arias in Beethoven's Big Break DVD

The unruly dog Beethoven is back for more canine fun in Beethoven’s Big Break and “Hannah Montana’s” Moises Arias is the new owner of the lovable pooch.  The fourteen year old actor broke into Hollywood in 2005 with roles on television’s “Everybody Hates Chris”, “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” and as a series regular on Disney Channel hits series “Hannah Montana” starring Miley Cyrus.   An appearance in Jack Black’s Nacho Libre also propelled the actor into the big time. 

The well-spoken young actor speaks to CineMovie by phone recounting his experience in shooting the sixth movie in the Beethoven saga.

Was this your first time acting with animals?
Yes, and it was harder.  Usually I run my lines with an actual person but having a dog co-star didn’t make it easy.  It was definitely a different experience.

How many dogs played Beethoven?
Beethoven's Big Break new DVD
There were three dogs for different purposes;  a St. Bernard for close-ups, a running dog, and a female dog with the puppies.  They were afraid a male dog would bite the puppies.

Like the mischievous Beethoven dog, were the dogs unruly on set or are they well trained? 
The dogs were well-behaved but there were times when the cookie treats didn’t work and they didn’t do as they were told.  It was fun to watch.

Which scene with the dog took the longest to shoot?
There was a scene where Beethoven jumps on me and licks my face.  They covered my cheek in chicken flavored baby food and we had to keep reshooting that scene over and over.  It was pretty disgusting having to do it multiple times.  

The classic Beethoven movies are out on DVD as well.  Have you seen any of the five previous Beethoven films?
I’ve seen two or three of them because I was curious to see what kind of tricks the dog did in those movies. 

"Hannah Montana" is more popular than ever.  How are things on set?
The show is great.  The scripts are still really funny.  We’re like family because we’ve been together for so long. We’re a lot older but not much else has changed.

Any plans to branch out like Miley Cyrus and take up singing or dancing?
My shower says no.  I can’t sing!  I am open to dancing.  I like hip hop but my passion is acting.  But I do plan on attending college as a back up plan.

What actors do you aspire to be like?
Will Smith.  He has done so much and I really like his choices.  Other actors I admire are Antonio Banderas and Brad Pitt. 

Do you hope to break out of the Disney type roles?
I really want to do drama.   That would be really challenging and something I’d have to work harder at than any other role.  I look forward to it. 

In addition, Moises eventually hopes to write and direct with his brother, citing the Coen brothers as their inspiration.  Moises Arias seems clear about his future and with three movies due out in 2009 (The Perfect Game with Cheech Marin, Hannah Montana movie, Astro Boy), this child actor is on the right track.  Catch Moises and his fury friend in Beethoven’s Big Break on DVD now. 

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Yes Man Carrey

Jim Carrey as Carl in Yes Man

It’s no surprise Jim Carrey’s career has lasted through hits and misfires.  The energetic and positive funny man had the press and his fellow Yes Man co-stars (Zooey Deschanel, Bradley Cooper, John Michael Higgins, Danny Masterson) laughing and entertained throughout the press conference promoting his latest comedy Yes Man at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills.

In Yes Man, Jim is Carl, a negative person always saying no to life until he is forced into thinking as a yes man and agrees to everything.  Jim took this to heart in real life.  Jim Carrey took method acting one step forward with a leap off a bridge for a bungee jump scene in which he insisted on performing himself.

What was going through your mind when you were on that bridge?   

Jim:  Death.  Lots about death and lots of crossing over were actually going through my mind.  Prior to that I thought to myself, “They do this all the time.  They’ve got this down.” But when I stepped onto that bridge - that was intense enough. “What have I done?  Why am I doing here!”  Then when I got my feet up on the ledge, it literally felt like a freight train going through my veins and body until I jumped.  It was insane.  I actually had post traumatic stress for about a week after the jump.  I dreamt of hitting the ground.  Those people who do it all the time are addicted to that adrenaline rush like you would not believe.

John Michael Higgins
:  Can I ask a question?  You have a scene answering the cell phone while you’re hanging, did they reset the shot or was it all in one take?
Jim Carrey and John Higgans in Warner Bros. Yes Man

Jim:  I’m always trying to complicate things.  At the last second, I was like, “Well maybe I can get that in!”   So I made a styrofoam cell phone so it wouldn’t hit me in the lip, put it in my pocket, and gave it a shot.  And I did it.  Once I knew I was alive, I was fine. 

CineMovie:   Would you do it again?

Jim:  No, did that and crossed it off my list.  They didn’t want me to do it at all so I said I’m only going to do it once in my life so might as well get it on camera. 

In a separate press conference with Director Peyton Reed, Reed tells us he took every possible safety precaution that day for his star and moved the scene to the last day of shooting to satisfy the studio, producers, and insurance company who initially refused to grant Jim’s request to bungee jump himself.  Multiple cameras caught the one-time Jim jump and even Reed was surprised to see Jim have the presence of mind to finish the scene with him talking into a cell phone.

Jim took on other life threatening risks for Yes Man but his life was not in danger this time.

Jim:  I had to learn Korean phonetically every day for four weeks with a Korean coach who literally is afraid to go back to Korea if I got it wrong.  He would tell me, “No!  No! No!  This is serious.  I will be hurt.” So I hope I got it right.  But he was on me and it took a while.  It was the hardest thing I’ve had to do in my life but I was dedicated. Very dedicated.

CineMovie:  Speaking of tough, what scene was the hardest to shoot or get through in the movie?

Bradley Cooper:  The scene that didn’t make it in the movie was the brawl at the bar.
Bradley Cooper, Jim Carrey, Danny Masterson in Yes Man

Jim:  [laughs] Our true punk nature came out.

Bradley:  [to Jim] You went for it.  There were a bunch of stunt guys and extras, and Jim just said,  “Let’s go for it.  Lets mess around a bit.”

Jim:  Let’s go melee!  Hockey fight!  C’mon!

Bradley:  And Jim’s energy was so high that it made you want to follow, so we went for it.  It started out as acting but then it got heated. Soon there was twelve guys beating the sh*# out of each other and Jim’s flying all over the place.  It was unbelievable. 

Jim:  At one point, I turned around and one girl was punching me in the head.  I also caught an elbow in the eye.

Bradley:  [to Jim] You cracked me in the nose. 

Jim:  I cracked my ribs in another bar scene. 

Zooey:  And you were amazingly good-natured about it.  I came in the next day and Jim would joke, “cracked rib” then laugh and you’d be like ‘Ow! ‘

Jim:  They had to move all the physical stuff to the end of the shoot because I had three fractured ribs. 

Zooey:  But that didn’t slow you down at all.

Jim Carrey and Zooey Deschanel in Yes Man

As Jim Carrey’s love interest, Zooey Deschanel avoided the rumbling and death defying acts but she did bring her own indie musical talents to the music and lyrics for her on screen music band with real act, the Von Iva’s from San Francisco.


Zooey:  I usually write alone so it was fun to write with other people and the Von Iva’s are so funny, talented and smart.  It was a fun process joining their band for a week.

Jim:  She blew us away with that stuff.  We weren’t expecting that. . .

Zooey:  Stop!

Jim:  We were on the set and we were like, “What?   This is fantastic.”  We loved it.

CineMovie:  Given the theme of the movie, would you consider yourselves yes people?

Danny:  I said no to Spiderman. So no!

John:   I say “yes” to everything.  Have you seen my resume?

[laughter from the room]

Jim:   I would say I am a yes man.

Bradley:  I have to admit that after seeing the film, I was suckered into the movie in the sense that it got me thinking “I have to change my life around.”

Zooey:  It’s exhausting to just say “yes” to everything for real even if it’s just for a day.

Bradley:  Have you tried it?

Zooey:  [guilty]  No!

CineMovie:  What’s the dumbest thing you’ve regretted saying “yes” to in the past?

Jim:  [in a low voice] The Majestic.

[room gasps]

Jim:   Sorry!

Danny:  Getting the Brazilian wax.  That hurt. 
Danny Masterson,  Jim Carrey in WB's Yes Man

Jim:   Looks good though.

Danny:  It’s really tight in there.

Jim:   And great  from what I’ve seen.

Zooey:  I accidentally entered a youth pageant when I was fourteen.  It’s a beauty pageant but without the beauty.  It was terrible.

Danny:   How did it happen accidentally?

Zooey:   I thought it was a talent show.  My choir teacher lead me on. 

Bradley:  I studied abroad and misread the form thinking 500 pounds was a lot of money to spend for six months there.  I was wrong and broke for the last three months.  I ate rice and oil for the remaining time.  I gained a lot of weight.
Jim:   I was eleven years old and joined the Sea Cadets which is like a military version of the Boy Scouts.  They shave your head and humiliate you but you know what, if I hadn’t done that I wouldn’t know that I’m a useless maggot.    So I’m glad.  Saying “yes” always leads to something good.

And it’s that positive thinking that will have moviegoers returning to see Jim Carrey get back to his comedic roots in Yes Man opening December 19. 

Watch Jim Carrey’s inspirational speech in Spanish.

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Manny Perez's Pride and Glory



You know you’ve made it as an actor in Hollywood when you’re starring opposite Edward Norton and Colin Farrell in “Pride and Glory” opening October 24th.  Actor Manny Perez is living the American Dream.

Manny Perez first came to attention in 2002 with the independent film “Washington Heights” which he starred, produced and co-wrote.  Director Gavin O’Connor also took notice of Manny Perez and five years later cast him as Coco Dominguez, a “sleaze bucket” as Manny describes it from Washington Heights who is threatend and beaten by crooked New York cop played by Colin Farrell in “Pride and Glory”.

Since coming to attention in 2002,  Manny Perez has starred in numerous television roles such as F/X’s “Rescue Me” and “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” on NBC and starred opposite Roselyn Sanchez, John Leguizamo, Jennifer Lopez, and Harvey Keitel in feature films. Not too shabby for an kid who immigrated from the Dominican Republic to Providence, Rhode Island with his parents and eleven siblings with no knowledge of the English language.  This talented actor tells us how he achieved his American Dream and his on set experience with “Pride and Glory”.

Not a bad gig when you get to work with Edward Norton and Colin Farrell, two of the hottest actors in Hollywood. 

Manny:  I am a big fan of both but I mostly worked with Colin Farrell.  I expected this bad boy because that’s what you hear about him but once I met him, it was the opposite.  He was one of the most kindness man I’ve met in my life.  He’s totally down to earth, respects the craft of acting, and caters to the actor by rehearsing the scene and bringing out the best from you.

Edward Norton is also known to be very hands on during production and has had clashes in the past with filmmakers, most recently with Marvel over “The Incredible Hulk”.  Did you see any of his influence on set?
Manny:  I had only scene with Edward Norton and I didn’t see one person taking over the set.  Director Gavin O’Connor had full control but he let his actors improvise and everyone had input including the extras who were from the neighborhood.  Gavin cast real people from Washington Heights to give it realism and authenticity so if something was not realistic from their perspective, Gavin would listen to their input and take it into account.  That’s the beauty of working with Gavin.   As an actor, I prefer directors letting the actor do their thing and not just be a puppet.

As a working actor who broke through on the independent side, what advice would you recommend for struggling actors especially minorities who are not offered many roles in Hollywood?
Manny:  You can’t wake up one morning and say ‘I want to be an actor’.  You have to prepare yourself very well.  I came from the Dominican Republic at age ten without knowing any English.  I learned the language, studied theater in high school, went on to college and studied acting.  I prepared myself very well and I’m always doing something to advance myself. You have to respect the craft and learn everything there is to it.  And then you can go the independent route which is what I did.

You continue to advance your career and not rely on Hollywood to come calling. You’re writing, producing, and starring in your own projects?
Manny:  I believe in the Spike Lee way, in that no one is going to make films about me or for me so it’s up to me to create my own and continue doing as I first did with “Washington Heights”.   Currently, we’re editing “El Hijo del Carnicero” and I’m writing another story set in the Dominican Republic about third world corruption.  We hope to start shooting early next year.  So I’m continuing doing my own thing.

While doing his "own thing" Perez has his share of Hollywood film projects coming soon.  Opening in December, Manny appears with Freddy Rodriguez and frequent collaborator John Leguizamo in “Nothing Like The Holidays” and he begins shooting an animated film with Michael Caine and Jack Black this month.  Manny Perez's Pride and Glory

Manny, however, sets both the independent and Hollywood fare aside for a personal crusade. In 2007, he was honored with a Humanitarian Award in his native country and recently the Tony Bennett Excellence in Media Award and Perry Ellis Humanitarian Award in the U.S. for his charitable work.
Manny:  I came from a poor mountainous region in the Dominican Republic and I didn’t have my first pair of shoes until I was five years old.  I know what’s it’s like to be without something so basic. So I connected with Soles 4 and Crocs United to provide shoes to the poor and needy in third world countries.    It’s a thing I love to do.  Once you have shoes, you feel more grounded as a human being.

And no one knows that better than Manny Perez who will no doubt be one step ahead of the rest.  Catch this well grounded actor when “Pride and Glory” hits theaters October 24.

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Jay Hernandez: Surviving Hollywood

Jay Hernandez in Nothing Like the Holidays

A chance run in with a Hollywood talent manager jump started Jay Hernandez’s career, but the good looking young actor from Los Angeles has stayed in the Hollywood game by turning down roles often offered to Latino actors…. the gangbanger.  Recent roles such as Samuel L. Jackson’s police partner in “Lakeview Terrace” and another turn as a uniformed officer in “Quarantine,” transitioned the well-grounded actor to more adult roles. 

Next up for the respected actor is his third movie release in 2008, “Nothing Like the Holidays” starring John Leguizamo, Debra Messing, and Freddy Rodriguez.   In “Nothing Like the Holidays”, Jay broke with tradition and agreed to play Ozzy, a gang member from Chicago’s Humboldt Park.  Jay sat down with CineMovie.TV to explain his recent choices at the movies. 

CineMovie: You’ve avoided taking on the negative Latino stereotypes in movies since your debut ten years ago.  Do you attribute your success to that?

Jay:  It’s hard for an actor of Latin/Hispanic background to have a real career in Hollywood because we are not the leading man they want.  All I got offered initially was the drug dealer or gangbanger.  It’s very easy for a guy who looks like me, named Hernandez, to be gang member all the time.  That was a very conscience thing for me and I worked really hard on keeping away from those roles. 

Jay Hernandez and Vanessa Ferlito in Nothing Like the Holidays
CineMovie:  So why take on the role of Ozzy in “Nothing Like the Holidays”?

Jay: Contextually this film is different.  It’s not about Hispanic people being portrayed negatively.  It’s about life. It’s the American experience.  So if you’re going to be realistic, you have to show the broad spectrum.  That’s what I liked about the film.  The family represents all of that; the lawyer, someone coming back from the Iraq war, a struggling actress returning from Hollywood, and me, the gang member. 

CineMovie:  Lately you’ve been playing the good cop in two movies this year,  Lakeview Terrace and Quarantine.

Jay:  It seems like everybody has this image of me as the good guy who does the right thing. That’s what appealed to me about Ozzy, the guy who’s making bad choices, doing bad and shady things.  I don’t always want to be the one saving the day or getting the girl. 

CineMovie:  Can we expect a turn as a bad cop a la Denzel Washington in Training Day anytime soon?

Jay:  That would be interesting.  I don’t want to be defined as an actor.  I want to keep people guessing.  It’s a smart thing to do in Hollywood to play a nice broad range of characters. 

CineMovie:  What role have you NOT been offered that you would love to do?

Jay:  I’ve been pretty fortunate in doing lots of different things but I’d like to try a straight up comedy.   Something really funny with guys who do a lot of improv would be really great.  That would be challenging.  I think it’ll happen soon.  I’ve been offered comedies but they weren’t right but I think it will happen soon.

CineMovie:   Would you consider a physical comedy?

Jay:   Yeah!  One thing I would love to do is put on some prosthetics and create crazy off the wall characters.  It’s something I like doing with different voices.  Not everyone knows this but I’m a clown.   I really am a clown.  With my family, they expect me to do that kind of stuff.  So one day I’d like to change up the way I look and do something really funny. 

CineMovie:   The Latino version of The Nutty Professor.  We can’t wait.  So tell us about working alongside such a large cast that included John Leguizamo and Freddy Rodriguez.

Jay: Working with John and Freddy was an honor after watching them for years jump through hoops to land good roles specifically John whose paved the way in Hollywood for someone like me.  And on set, everyone got along like family.  We had a lot of rehearsal time before we started shooting so we can have that family dynamic on camera, and it shows on film.

Nothing Like the Holidays cast

CineMovie:  Speaking of families, “Nothing Like the Holidays” deals with the crazy family antics around the holidays.  What are your family gatherings like?

Jay:  My father is the youngest of nine so the holidays were crazy with my immediate family of six plus his side.  When we got together, you had to talk loud and kind of yell or you wouldn’t be heard.  So it was very similar to the movie in that respects but I’m very tight with my family.  There’s no coming home after four years away like Freddy Rodriguez’s character.  My mom would not let me get away with that.

We can also thank Jay Hernandez's mom for keeping this down to earth actor grounded, which should translate to a long career in Hollywood.  “Nothing Like the Holidays” opens nationwide on December 12th.

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Divine Intervention for George Lopez and Luke Wilson

George Lopez and Luke Wilson on "HENRY POOLE IS HERE"
Radha Mitchell and Luke Wilson on "HENRY POOLE IS HERE"
George Lopez and Luke Wilson on "HENRY POOLE IS HERE"

George Lopez, Luke Wilson, director Mark Pellington and their "Henry Poole is Here" co-stars talk to CineMovie.TV about their new film and divine intervention. "Henry Poole is Here" opens Friday, August 15. 

Movie Synopsis: 

Luke Wilson (“The Royal Tenenbaums”, “Old School”), Academy Award® nominee Adriana Barraza (“Babel”) and Radha Mitchell (“Finding Neverland”) star in a modern day fable about the unexpected wonders of the everyday from director Mark Pellington (“U2 3D”, “The Mothman Prophecies”.  Henry Poole is Here tells the funny, poignant and uplifting story of a disillusioned man who attempts to hide from life in a rundown suburban tract home only to discover he cannot escape the forces of hope.

Henry’s self-imposed exile is shattered when his nosy neighbor Esperanza (Adriana Barraza) discovers a mysterious stain on Henry’s stucco wall that is seen to have miraculous powers. She begins leading pilgrimages to the “holy site” and invites church officials, including her pastor, Father Salizar (George Lopez), to inspect the apparition.Although Henry remains skeptical, he finds himself gradually drawn back towards life, especially after his silent friendship with Millie brings him closer to Dawn. As news of the apparition spreads throughout the neighborhood and his feelings for Dawn grow, Henry realizes his plan to live out his days in quiet desperation is going to be much harder than he ever imagined.  

Running Time: 104 minutes                                                             MPAA Rating: PG

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