Preview Tonight's New 'Game of Thrones: The Broken Man" Episode

In HBO's preview for June 5's show, the different royal houses gear up for war. Here are some of the highlights we're looking forward to from the preview. Watch below.

-Jamie Lannister is now in the trenches of battle at Riverlands now that he's been banished from his son/King’s side and fighting for Black Fish. Bronn (Jerome Flynn) is back fighting alongside Lannister in the preview, and 

-A toughened up Sansa (Sophie Turner) stands up to an elder. Can't wait for her to stick it to Ramsay  literally up his arse.

-Lady Tyrell has it out with Cersei calling her idea for the King to have partner with the High Sparrow, utter “stupidity” that will bring both their houses down.

-Yarad and Theon Greyjoy plan their revenge against their uncle who took the Iron Islands from them.

-Tormund wrangles the wildings in support of Jon Snow, but it looks like it may take some convincing.

-Davos warns the “the dead are coming” so let’s hope their process in that since we’ve been getting teased about it for three seasons already.

HBO’s “Game of Thrones: Broken Man” airs Sunday, June 5th at 9pm.

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